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As some of you know we were gong to revamp Beautiful Tragedy. However with muse being low and disappointment in the shows current season we have lost complete muse for the site and for The Vampire Diaries. This isnt to say that maybe later, when the time is right that Beautiful Tragedy wont open again; because it very well might. This is just letting you know that as of right now, BT will not be revamping or reopening. We had an amazing two years, and we want to thank each and every one of you who was apart of this site some time or other within the two years it stayed active. We love you guys and thank you!

We are currently working on a site based in a supernatural genred world but for now its only in the works a development stage. Those of you who are members will be notified when the other site opens. Thank you all again for your amazing talent and sharing it with us. We couldnt have been the site we were without all of you.


Kerri & Josh
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